Royalty Free Stock Cartoon Clipart by Hit Toon

  1. Happy White Male Chef Presenting His Pizza Pie
  2. Happy Worker Bee Carrying Two Buckets over Honey Combs
  3. Happy Yellow Star
  4. Successful Hispanic Businessman Throwing Money
  5. Happy Male Farmer with His Cattle
  6. Lineart Bulldog Looking over a Sign
  7. Lineart Restricted Symbol over a Grinning Fly
  8. Happy Walking Brown Rooster
  9. Flies over a Smelly Pile of Poo
  10. Successful Caucasian Businessman Standing Under Falling Money
  11. Cheering Man Toasting at a Party
  12. Lineart Grumpy Boss Pointing to a Decrease Board
  13. Lineart Pencil Guy Holding a Blank Sign
  14. Black and White Waving Surfing Frog Riding a Wave
  15. Silhouetted Mountain Goat with White Eyes, on a Peak
  16. Red Heart Professor Holding a Pointer Stick